Masarrati IT Studio

We join forces with the most brilliant hearts and psyches of today to confront the difficulties of tomorrow.

Assemble a Career at Masarrati, Go along with us in one of our corporate workplaces and partake in a scope of cutthroat advantages.

Why Masarrati?

We are one among the best places to work with. At Masarrati, you will get an atmosphere that helps in growing your inner self by showing your talents and getting the best out of your own self. We help in making your work easier by providing many advantages. AppStudio offers a flexible work place that helps fresh talents to add cultural values and diversity in their tasks.

Our Culture is Our Biggest Perk

We are focussed on some values that drive our daily decisions, develop our relationships, and guide our strategy.

100% Transparency

We maintain 100% transparency and precision in every aspect with our employees.

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Stronger Together

Our management embraces diverse perspectives to help employees to achieve their goals

Take Intelligent Risks

We help you to uncover the unknown facts and make you able to handle new things, fail fast, and learn.

100% Community meetup

We encourage our employees with regular celebration and appreciation of the moment.

Expect Extraordinary

We set high goals so employees can impact their unique roles in the company.


We adopt a customer-centric approach that helps our employees to directly talk with clients.

Quality over Quantity

We have a craftsman’s attention to detail that helps our team to deliver services that they are proud of.

Keep it Simple

We train our employees so they can make complex things simple and accessible to everyone.


We conduct workshops at our office to deliver regular training programs planned at every level.

Where We Are

Find the Masarrati team in one of the amazing global cities we call home.

Why You Should Join Our Team?

There are many motivating ways that can make your mindset to work with us! Masarrati takes care of the employees work life balance and establishes many changes keeping employees in mind

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Flexible Working Hours

We consider work as our priority. As a work oriented company, we work in flexible working hours that reduces your stress from work.

Company Activities

Our management considers fun as an integral part to motivate employees. They frequently arrange fun activities at the office to reduce your stress.

Awesome Co-Workers

Everyone working at Masarrati maintains cordial relationships with peers. Though we work in different departments, but we all work as a big team.

Growth Opportunity

We make employees think that growth is never ending at Masarrati. Whether it is about skills or personal growth and monetary, everything affects the individual growth.

Achievement Awards

We focus on our employee benefits by providing them the best packages and solutions. Everyone needs motivation so they can work hard and our management focus on it.
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Competitive Salaries

Masarrati welcomes true talent and pays the best salary to its employees as per their experience and talents. We believe in performance so never set any bar for the right skills.