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App Development for Startups: Building Products That Boost Your Business

Programming improvement for new businesses are pointed toward assisting youthful organizations with making an interpretation of their problematic thoughts into market-prepared programming items.


Improve Your Market Reach

Our Product Managers work closely with designers and developers to fulfill the needs of your product.
We work quickly in five days development sprints. Our team focuses on development speed, solution sketching, hypothesis testing and maintainability for your project. AppStudio has vast experience of working with many leading web and mobile development frameworks like Rails and Phoenix. Our developers are expertise to work on open source libraries like React and React Native.

We Provide The Best Solutions to Startups

Masarrati is the right platform for Startups, New Ventures and Small Businesses to provide the most cost-effective solutions. We help startups to nurture their idea with the right strategy and create the best platform to begin their successful journey.

Management of
Entire App Lifecycle

Week-Wise Product Version Shipping

Impeccable App
Experience Across

Management of
Entire App Lifecycle

Week-Wise Product Version Shipping

Impeccable App
Experience Across

Our Approach For Startups

We understand what exactly your business does and then provide the best support with
a systematic and professional approach.
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Budget-friendly solutions

We understand that startups don't have a high budget in starting. Our team prepares a budget-friendly plan to develop your app with uncompromising quality and this might be pocket-friendly.

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Deploying the experienced team

Masarrati has many experienced Android and iOS developers. We work with talented UI and UX designers, app testers, project managers to enhance the new venture ideas into your business.

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Phase-wise development

Our team takes one step at a time. Whether we develop mobile apps for any platform, we ensure that every single step involved in the app development process must be touched before releasing the App on the Play Store or App Store.

Our Product Discovery Process

We understand your business needs and they opt for a standard approach to deliver a successful launch. Firstly, we analyse user needs and select the best possible approach to deliver the same. Our Product Discovery Process involves all the steps required for app development for startup success.
Before starting the development process, our app developers meet with you to know in deep about your goals, ideas and vision. Then we select the platform based on OS for which you want to develop apps

Why Choose Masarrati?

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We welcome you at Masarrati on Rails improvement skill, a can-do mentality, and the best experts to help your business start quick and develop flawlessly.

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Our design arrangements permit you to keep away from versatility gives that may come up when your client base passes the one million imprint.

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Quality First

We center around programming quality at each stage, following programming best works on including mechanized testing, ceaseless mix, and code audit just as brought together.

Resolution time

We ensure that the time it takes to determine an undertaking stays predictable over the long haul. In the event that an opportunity to finish improvement.